Does Brain Training Work?

brainThere is a good chance you’ve seen commercials for the various brain training video games that promise to improve the function of your brain. It is often said that your brain is like a muscle and the more you use it the better it gets. It would certainly be great if you could improve your brain from training it but let’s see what the studies that have focused on this matter found. Continue reading

Apple Health Benefits

three applesYou’ve probably heard the expression “an apple a day keeps that doctor away” but is there any truth to this? We all know that fruits have many health benefits but apples may truly have some unique and powerful effects on our health. There are a handful of studies that have been done looking into how the chemicals in apples can improve our health. Continue reading

A Cold Drink and Exercise

a cold drink and exerciseI suspect that when most people are thirsty they’d prefer to drink a beverage that is cold in temperature. If you get thirsty during a workout you’re probably going to feel more satisfied and refreshed from drinking cold water from a fountain than lukewarm water from a fountain and there may be a logical reason for this. Scientists have actually studied how cold drinks can affect performance during exercise. Continue reading

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